Introduction of Shenyang Institute of Engineering

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Shenyang Institute of Engineering (SIE) was established in April 2003 with the approval of the Ministry of Education of the P.R.C. It is a provincial undergraduate university, formed by the merger of Shenyang Electric Power College (established in 1952) and Liaoning Business Vocational College (established in 1947), specializing in disciplines related to power and energy. The university primarily focuses on engineering while promoting the coordinated development of various other disciplines such as management, economics, and law. It is jointly constructed by Liaoning Provincial Government and the State Power Investment Corporation.

The university has several designations: a Vocational Education Teacher Training Base at the national level for "dual-qualification" teachers,a Member of the China Electricity Council, and a Liaoning Provincial Exemplar of Transforming into Application-based Universities. Additionally, the university is a base for improving the quality of vocational college teachers in Liaoning Province and has also been awarded as a Model University with Experience in Graduate Employment by the Ministry of Education, a National Exemplary Experience University for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and a National Characteristic University for Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform.

The university is located in Shenbei New District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. It currently has three campuses: the main campus, the science park, and the industrial park, covering a total area of 820,000m2 with a total building area of 450,000m2. It offers professional master’s degrees in electrical engineering and power engineering. In addition, the university offers 33 undergraduate majors. The university has 724 full-time teachers, including 125 that have been recognized as excellent teachers at national level, provincial level and municipal level.

SIE has 1 national-level characteristic program, 1 national-level first-class undergraduate program, and 1 national comprehensive reform pilot program. Additionally, it has nine provincial-level first-class undergraduate programs, and 76 of the undergraduate courses have been recognized as first-class in Liaoning Province.

The university currently has 21 key laboratories and research centers at the provincial and municipal levels, as well as 12 provincial-level scientific research platforms. It also operates 1 national-level off-campus practical education base, 10 provincial-level practical education bases, and 216 off-campus internship bases. The library covers an area of 20,700m2, housing 969,100 physical books and 295,100 electronic books. It also has a campus-wide integrated wired and wireless 10-gigabit network.

SIE has collaborated with Northeast Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the State Power Investment Corporation, to jointly establish the National Power Station Combustion Engineering Technology Research Center. It has also signed comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreements with State Power Investment Corporation Limited and other central enterprises in Shenyang, such as Shenyang Aircraft Company Limited and SIASUN, as well as other large state-owned enterprises stationed in Shenyang. Six schools of SIE have appointed part-time deputy deans from industry and customize the program to train the students according to the industry demands.

The employment rate of graduates who are first-time job seekers has ranked among the top in provincial public undergraduate universities for several consecutive years. The school's educational model and quality of talent cultivation have been widely recognized. The promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship education runs through the entire process of talent cultivation. The school has been awarded various honors, including being named an Advanced Unit in Employment of Graduates in Liaoning Province and an Advanced Unit in Employment and Entrepreneurship in Liaoning Province, receiving First Place in Employment of Graduates in Liaoning Province, is an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Education Base in Liaoning Province , and finally, was part of the First Batch of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Colleges in Liaoning Province, and First Batch of Labor Education Demonstration School in Liaoning Province.

The university has a National University Science Park, which has incubated over 200 technology companies. It has transformed over 50 patented technologies and facilitated the promotion and application of over 40 scientific and technological achievements in energy and power enterprises, resulting in direct economic benefits of tens of billions of yuan. It has been approved as the Liaoning Provincial Clean Combustion and Energy Storage Technology Pilot Base, the Liaoning Provincial Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base, and the Research Base for Institutional and Mechanism Innovation in University Science and Technology Parks in Liaoning Province by the Provincial Social Science Federation.

The university focuses on conducting applied basic and applied technology research along the energy and power industry chain. In the past five years, it has been granted nine national-level research projects and 476 provincial-level projects. Its technology transfer rate has consistently ranked at the forefront among provincial universities. It has generated economic benefits of over 100 million yuan in areas such as new energy, smart grids, and energy storage applications. This has provided intellectual support for promoting the comprehensive revitalization of the energy and power industry and Liaoning Province as a whole.

The university has established friendly cooperative relationships with universities in countries and regions such as Canada, the United States, Australia, and Russia. The Red River International College, in cooperation with Red River College in Canada, is the only joint institution in Liaoning Province for engineering vocational education. Additionally, SIE collaborates with Murdoch University in Australia and Ufa Science and Technology University in Russia to offer joint bachelor degree programs in electrical engineering and automation. The three majors, Energy and Power Engineering, Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, and Software Engineering have introduced the International Scholarly Exchange Curriculum.

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